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Dispersing and levelling agent for the dyeing of Polyester fibres

  • Premium product for the dyeing of polyester fibres on packages
  • Keeping the disperse dyes in fine dispersed form in all stages of the dyeing process
  • Improves the levelness of the dyeing
  • Suitable for dyeing polyester fibres used for automotive fabrics
  • Compensates the negative effect of nonionic substances on the dyeing results
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Levelling, dispersing and migrating auxiliary for the dyeing of polyester and polyester/cellulose blends. Suitable for dyeing with disperse dyes under HT conditions on jet and overflow machines. Also suitable for dyeing of polyester yarn on package machines and polyester piece on beam dyeing machines with high density. 

Prevents filtration and agglomeration of the dyes. Stabilising the dispersion of disperse dyes at all stages of he dyeing process, even under unfavourable conditions; e.g. when residuals of non-ionic substances are present in the dyebath.  

  • Dyeings with LEVEGAL® MDL Conc having no negative impact on the lightfastness
  • Suitable to use for automotive fabrics
  • High electrolyte stability therefore well suitable for the dyeing of PES/CO blends in a one bath-two steps dyeing process
  • Guarantees a high level on reproducibility and optimizes the Right-First-Time processing
  • Stable to alkaline allowing the dyeing of polyester under alkaline conditions
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Levelling and dispersing agent for the dyeing of polyester fibres and it’s blends

  • Excellent retarding effect on disperse dyes in critical temperature range
  • Synchronising the uptake of the disperse dyes
  • Good dispersing properties
  • Suitable for dyeing fabric for the automotive industry
  • Good scouring properties to remove residual oil/fat from the polyester fibre
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TANAVOL® DAP is an effective, odourless diffusion accelerator with low volatility. The product is well suitable for the dyeing of polyester/wool blends improving the reservation of the wool by the disperse dyes. TANAVOL DAP can be applied in all stages of processing in jets and circulating liquor machines and is well suitable for the dyeing of polyester fibres in tightly wound or high density package.

  • Increased diffusion of the dyes and higher dye yield; fostering the levelness
  • Improved reproducibility of the dyeings
  • No effect on wet fastness and no or minimum effect on light fastness
  • Brightening and levelling faulty dyeing
  • Free of chlorinated aromatics and meeting ecological standards
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Multifunctional auxiliary for dyeing polyester fibres and it’s blends

  • Extremely good wetting out properties on hydrophobic synthetic fibres
  • Quick wet-out and improved penetration of the fabric leading to better levelness
  • Minimises running creases
  • Improved antistatic properties of polyester
  • Hydrophilic agent for 100% polyester, 100% polyamide, polyamide/elastane
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